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The e-Burn Out

So everyone has read the E-Myth (no? stop reading this and quickly read that). They even have it on audio book for those of us (ahem) who like to learn simultaneously while doing anything else. #LotsToLearnInThisLifetime.

The point of the e-Myth is that often times the roles of being a successful entrepreneur are learned (or quickly outsourced) because it isn't always a good thing to be the Chief Everything Officer. Being one can drain your energy reserves, help you lose sight of the goal, and quickly have you asking if this was indeed better than the thing you used to do. But before you close your dream-pursuit chapter, hear us out. There are so, so, so many ways to burn out when you're at the top (without proper leverage) or doing more than humanly possible (even if you still get your thrills from it). There will indeed come a time where you need to take a step back, restructure or tend to life outside of the business you've identified with for the past several years.

The e-burn out is natural. It's expected. It's almost a right of passage. It's how you emerge wiser and smarter. And for that reason we recognize it's place in the lifecycle. But if you aren't ready to evolve to your greater self and want to keep the flow for as long as you can with making just a few small changes to allow for that space, read on here!

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